Feng Shui Gifts

June 29, 2014

Choosing a gift or buying feng shui products for housewarming or holiday season is not so easy at times because of wide variety of choices. The idea of presenting gifts symbolic of Feng Shui rules is quite beneficial for boosting the positive energy or Chi of any area. Those who want to bring improvement in life can go through this guide for purchasing Feng Shui Gifts.

Buy Feng Shui Products

If you want to buy Feng Shui gifts, then you can either choose modern one or traditional one. Let’s talk about the traditional Feng Shui symbols that can help you in enhancing Chi in your environment.


One of the most auspicious symbols of Feng Shui is Feng Shui Dragon. It can enhance Yang (male energy) to any working or living area, suitable for the important man in your life.

In order to attract more wealth make use of the Dragon-Headed Turtle.  This can be presented as a housewarming gift present or for opening or starting of a new business. You can also buy from feng shui mall for the latest and quality feng shui products.

For Feng Shui Wealth Cure there is a special and traditional Feng Shui Money Tree, symbolizes increase and growth in wealth without much effort. It can also be a great choice of gift for enhancing a business venture.

In the Feng Shui world the Wind Chimes are considered important. Sometimes used for curing, or for enhancing the energy of any area. The best ones are the one that makes a sweet, tinkling sound are made up of high quality metal.

Buddha is one of most popular and recognized Feng Shui symbols. Adding a happy Buddha can be helpful in attracting prosperity and good luck to any area. It is important to choose the material wisely and jade is the best material.

It may not be possible for everyone to understand the Feng Shui principles as well as know about the symbols if they want to keep it in their home. We are sharing some more options that can help in enhancing the chi of the working or living space.

In Feng Shui principles the elements like fire, scent and smoke are important that’s why candles are considered excellent Feng Shui gifts. The best candles are non-toxic ones with super-quality incense or the candles that are non-paraffin ones, for addition of pleasing fragrance scent as well as natural glow in any area, it also helps in purifying the energy of the area.

Some other things that can attract sparkling energy to an area include flowers and plants. There is an additional advantage i.e. they purify the air. You can choose lucky bamboo plant as a gift for attracting good fortune. There are some more air purifiers such as Ficus, Rubber Plant, Boston Fern and Peace Lily, or English Ivy.

For bringing fresh energy to any area fountains can be a great addition, it can also welcome positive Chi into your home. The ones in which the water moves with a sweet sound are the best ones. There are some fountains in which the things are moved like in water wheels.

If your purpose is to attract Chi in your bedroom then the best choice is luxury linens. If you want to bring comfort in your bedroom then Feng Shui can play a major role. If you choose linens made up of luxuriant as well as natural fabric then the quality of your sleep can improve and as result your health gets better. Some other such items include soft throws or pillows.

Crystals play an amazing role for boosting the energy of an area. If you want to enhance romance in your bedroom simply place bowls of rose quartz. There are some more objects that can enhance energy such as crystal lamps and larger natural crystals. For protection purpose use hematite and it must be placed at the entrance door!


Interestingly, when you choose or buy feng shui gifts, then your intention behind it can also have positive or negative impact on the energy of that item, so when you buy it your intent should be positive and loving!

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